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    Kara witnessed the struggle and sympathized with the man. It wasn’t exactly something pleasant to wake up to - a new location with no one to help you find your way home. The young woman made her way over to the counter where a few of the attendees grinned at her, making her uneasy. Though she was quite used to their games, she stilled hated that they continued to play them. 

    “It’s no use. They are of no help.” She said, turning to the receptionist with a deep frown. “It would be best if you didn’t speak with these people. They do nothing but play mind games. It will drive you insane.” She pulled the man away and into the lounge where the T.V. was the only source of noise. The attendees watched them for a moment, before looking accomplished with themselves. Kara sat him down, though he seemed to struggle at first - which was understandable, the poor man was confused and possibly scared - he finally settled down into the couch.

    “I’m Kara.” She said, trying to offer him a bit of conversation to calm him a bit. Reasonable as it was to be panicked, it was best he regain his composure around the attendees. They would see it as weakness about probably harass him more so than the others. 

    Will had been prepared to snatch the phone right from that receptionist’s hand, and he would well have done it if it weren’t for a surprisingly strong young woman pulling him aside. He stumbled and tugged to get away from her, very much in a panic at that moment, until they made it to the lounge and he was practically forced into his seat.

    "I know they aren’t any help, but I need to call someone who is–" Looking her over, he noted her outfit. Another odd choice of attire. The hotel was full of oddballs, but then, who was he to judge them in his state of mind?

    "…Will Graham," he bid himself to calm down so he could answer Kara, eyes flickering to his feet. Though slowly, the anger crept out of him and was replaced by a hollow sort of feeling.

    "…I’m sorry for that, I just want to go home."

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      Flandre used her arms to push herself up and onto the desk, taking a seat and making herself closer to Will’s eye level. She disregarded the flustered receptionist.

      “Yeah, stuck. We aren’t allowed to leave. No one knows exactly how we got here, either.” She kicked her feet lightly and watched his hand curiously. “I bet they sent someone to feed your dogs for you, though. They all seem to be very nice, for the most part.”

      “I got invited to a tea party, but I haven’t seen anything about it since.” Flandre sighed. “I woke up in this hotel, too. Isn’t it funny?” She grinned, flashing her fangs. “I think it’s kind of exciting.”

      Security had come to take him, but the woman who’d been trying to escort him out before got around to asking them to leave. Will gave them a sideward glance, then returned his attention to Flandre. “I don’t understand what’s keeping us here. Or why, for that matter–”

      At the flash of pointed teeth, he startled a bit, a jolt in his shoulders getting the better of him. He’d listened well up to that point, but then elected to take a step back and away from the girl.

      "This… this doesn’t make any sense, I must still be asleep."

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        Upon seeing the commotion, Flandre couldn’t help but be curious. Here was yet another human, struggling now, with some issue or other. She crept closer slowly, attempting to eavesdrop on his conversation. What was he yammering about? FBI? Baltimore? She had to jump in, the Zora Den workers looked upset.

        “If you’re trying to leave, it won’t work, I tried already.” It wasn’t the best way to get an upset man’s attention, but Flandre wasn’t exactly a converstionalist. “We’re stuck here in Zora Den, me and you and Kara and the Batter and everyone.”

        She stepped closer, wedging herself between Will and the flustered receptionist. “Did you get invited here, too? And are you okay? Were you walking out in the rain?”

        Startled by the unexpected presence of a seemingly young girl in an odd sort of getup, Will twisted about, watching her work in between him and the reception desk.

        "Stuck? I-I don’t understand, I just want to go home and feed my dogs," evidently taking note of what a state he was in, he stopped himself there and looked to the floor, fingers twitching in a rhythm to calm himself. After a moment of thought, he recalled the name ‘Zora Den’.

        "…I was asked to give a lecture on crime scene analysis in Zora Den, but I couldn’t find it on the map— no, I wasn’t walking, I was sleeping… Does everyone just wake up here?”

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          "Did you receive your invitation, sir?"

          "What? I just want to know where I am— let go of my arm, please.

          Will had been struggling to communicate with the staff for around fifteen minutes. Shaking out a woman’s grip when she tried to tug him away, he would gently push her off and continue to lean over the reception desk, speaking over the man on the phone. “Just tell me where I am, how did I get here?” He was rather a mess; hair damp, without shoes or socks, and wearing the same sweat soaked t-shirt he’d woken up in (luckily, he’d found some trousers before going downstairs).

          "Sir, if you don’t calm down, I’ll have to call security and have you restrained."

          "For a man who’s just woken up in a hotel he didn’t check into, I’d consider myself pretty calm— Please!" He snapped at the woman still tugging at his wrist, and she finally backed away from him. "I have a job, I work for the FBI." The receptionist gave him a questioning look, almost as if he’d never heard the letters F, B and I used together. He began to dial the number for security and Will, seeing that, continued. "Call Baltimore’s Field Office, ask for Jack Crawford and they’ll bring me home, it won’t take more than five minutes.”


              Will Graham is a complex character from a very controversial series, that touches on some potentially triggering subjects (such as murder, cannibalism, bodily mutilation, rape and etcetera).

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